Changing Trends in Apparel Industry by N.S.Kaplan (H.B)

isbn: 978-81-85733-71-6

This book includes:

1.changing trends in apparel industry

2.apparel management

3.apparel industries and allied activities

4.dry cleaning

5.measurement of mechanical properties

6.the weaving industry

7.techonological changes in apparel industries


Developing countries like India and China–with vast infrastructure, immense skilled manpower and low cost regime are set to gain maximum from these positive emerging trends. Big multinational companies are are not only shifting their manufacturing units to these developing lands, but are also making use of the Outsourcing phenomenon on a bigger scale. This is an ideal situation for our country–already basking under the glorious and benign sunshine of software industry.
Presently, we need hordes of specialized, skilled and semi-skilled manpower to encase the opportunities thrown open by emerging trends in this field. This treatise on CHANGING TRENDS IN THE APPAREL INDUSTRY is a humble effort in this pursuit. It deals with different aspects like weaving, measurement, manufacturing, sewing, dyeing and dry-cleaning processes under the flood-lights of modern times. Topics like Management of apparel industry and the labour rights also find due mention in this volume.

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