Bleaching of Linen Cotton Yarn and Fabrics by L.Tailfer (Hardback)

  • Page  :  337
  • ISBN  : ‎ 978-8182474215
  • Dimensions :  22 x 14.5 x 2 cm

This masterpiece book on bleaching have more than fifty illustrations to make it easier for the reader and user. It covers almost all the aspects of bleaching processes and techniques. Every point is discussed in simple and lucid language. Author hopes that this work prove value to those who require extensive and to the point information on the whole process and techniques.


CONTENTS OF THE BOOK IN SHORT : Water the solvent for impurities in the fibres and the vehicle for reagents used in bleaching, the Installation of Bleach Works

Definition of Bleaching, Steeping, Singeing, Washing its End and importance, Lime Boiling, Caustic and Carbonated Alkali, Lye Boiling: General Methods, Sprcial methods of Lye Boiling, Bleaching on Grass, Bleaching by Peroxides, Perborates and by Ozone, Chlorene and Chloride of lime and their use in bleaching, Energy of Hypochlorites and Bleaching, Sours, Linen Bleaching: examples of methods, Bleaching of Cotton Fabrics, Bleaching of Hemp and Jute, Drying by Steam, Drying by Hot Air, Damages to Fabrics in Bleaching and in warehousing.


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