Artificial Silks by S.R.Trotman & E.R. Trotman (H.B)

In this handy book, the manufacture, properties, bleaching, dyeing and finishing of the different kind of commercial artificial silks are described from the point of view of the students who has already acquired the knowledge of chemistry. The differentiation of the varieties and their general analysis is dealt with also, as well as the methods used in the examination of the raw materials. It will be observed that a great many patents have been referred to, and a list of this is given in the index. The inclusion of so many patent references is due partly, as noted above, to the fact that much of the published work is only available in the form of patent specifications, but, at the same time, the enormous amount of work which has been devoted to the subject is thus indicated.
So lot of material on the subject is added with illustrations and diagrams and discussed in simple and easy way so that the students, researchers can easily understand the subject.


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