Bleaching of Linen , Cotton yarn & Fabrics : Tailfer


isbn : 978-81-8247-105-4

This book includes:

1.water the solvent for impurities in the fibres and the vehicle for reagents used in bleaching

2.the installation of a bleach work

3.defination of bleaching



6.washing -its end and importance

7.lime boiling

8.caustic and carbonic alkali

9.lye boiling :general methods

10.special method of lye boiling -mather`s keir(old model)

11.special methods of lye-boiling in mather and platts keir and other methods


13.bleaching on grass or on the bleaching green or lawn

14.bleaching by peroxides ,perborates ,and by ozone

15.chlorine and chloride of lime and their use in bleaching of hypochlorites and bleaching by electricity agents and their function in bleaching -valuation of sodium bisulphate 


18.linen bleaching :examples of methods 

19.bleaching of cotton fabrics

20.bleaching of hemp and jute 

21.bleaching of linen and cotton yarns

22.drying by steam -drying by hot air – dryimg by air 

23.damages to fabrics in bleaching and in warehousing




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