Woollen and Worsted Spinning by A.F. Barker (H.B)

ISBN : 978-81-8247-161-0


WOOLLEN AND WORSTED SPINNING: This handy volume of about 400 pages, 96 plates and hundreds of drawings explains briefly point by point the process of woolen and worsted spinning. Containing 16 chapters explaining from raw materials like chapter one is The raw material of the woolen industry Blending, second is woolen carding and condensing, third is on woolen yarn spinning and fourth chapter describes woolen frame spinning-twisting winding-fancy yarn production, chapter five is on machines, sixth, seventh and eighth explains basic principles
involved in worsted drawing and worsted drawing machines, ninth is on worsted spinning, tenth is on coloring of yarn and mélanges, mixture and twists, eleventh explains drawing and spinning machinery- calculations and outputs, twelfth and thirteenth and fourteenth is on twisting theories, spinning, practice, testing of wool, tops and yarns and last chaper explains defects in raw materials, tops and yarns.
So as nothing remained unexplained on the subject authors feels that this book is must for the shelf of every library of textile industry as well as institutions.


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