Suvasas: the beautiful costumes by Vishu Arora (H.B)


Clothing has always been a vital part of an individual’s personality. It mirrors society and acts as a symbol to identify people as per their rank, role, occupation, status, religion and culture.

An attempt has been made to prepare a monograph with details on all the historical costumes, their design elements and influence of social, political and economic factors on clothing. ‘Suvasas- the beautiful costumes’ is a collection of exotic traditional Indian and Western attire since the ancient civilization.

This book is specially written for the students of UG and PG courses in Clothing and Textiles and Fashion designing. The tutors, who undertake the teaching of history of costumes, can take this book as guide as it depicts the illustrated beauty of ancient costumes which are diversified in fashion, full of color and pattern. It has relocated all the traditional costumes and provides complete information of the prevalent traditional beautiful garments under different kingdoms, in various Indian states and western countries like Egypt, France, Rome, Byzantine and Greece.

Though every effort has been made to explain the matter in a simple and comprehensive manner, the suggestions from readers and fellow teachers for further improvement of the book are welcome. It is hoped that readers find it interesting and useful.

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