Selected Works of Veer Savarkar Set of 4 Vols. (Hardback)

  • ISBN-: ‎ 978-8182471443
  • Page-:   2281
  • Editon-: 2021

This set comprises of 4 books Indian War of Independence 1857 :This book is a step by step account of the uprising of the Indian masses against the ruthless British empire. Tracing the footsteps of the barefooted, undernourished and almost unarmed Indian common folks challenging the British bullets with sheer force of will power. This book became the bible for Indian revolutionaries and so was proscribed or banned by the British government. Due to the ban the book was smuggled in India and England after it was published in Holland and was sold a at price of Rs. 300/- in the year 1910. Six Glorious Epochs of Indian History: This book is a learning experience, that covers the period of Muslin incursions in India, brave retaliation of the natives, British rule with all its intrigues and finally the struggle for freedom and liberation of the mother country. My Transportation For Life: This book is the first hand story of the sufferings and humiliation of an inmate of the infamous cellular jail of Andaman- The legendary Kaala Paani. It is a running commentary of the tortures met, prevalent political conditions in Indiaand a treatise for the students of revolution. Hindu Rashtra Darshan : Hindu Rashtra Darshan is a magnificent piece of writing by “VEER SAVARKAR”. It is based on the thought that everyone living on this side of the river Indus is a hindu by culture, by values and not by the religion in its narrow definition. The book is divided into three major parts namely Hindu Pad-Padshahi, Hindu Rashtra Darshan and Essentials of Hindustva.

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