Know All about Fabrics and Their Manufacture by Kevin Thomas (H.B)

ISBN: 978-81-8247-133-7

The present book is an attempt to make the readers aware of the various fibres, their origin, their uses and their export and import in the present day cloth industry. Fabrics are used everywhere, from clothing to making articles of daily use like bags, carpets, flags, etc. Natural fibres, like, cotton, v and jute are nature’s gift to man, which he used to develop others like rayon, nylon, polyester and acrylic.The book details on the origin of various fibres and tells how many fabrics have been developed till date. It also gives the complete history of the fabrics. Readers who are interested in knowing about fabric and the way to take good care of it would definitely find the book of great use. Apart from presenting before the readers information on fabric and their care, the book also stresses on the process of their manufacture from fibres.

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