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Thus Spoke Zarathustra; Friedrich Nietzsche; Special Collector’s Edition

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book For Everyone And No One is an English translation of one of the most popular works by Friedrich Nietzsche. The book is a brilliant inclusion and discussion of the words of prophet Zarathustra, who had been speaking openly about his belief of God being dead. The theme of the book is about following one’s passions in life rather than blindly following lame religious beliefs. This book is segregated in four sections, in which the author has presented the original preachings of Zarathustra and his experiences. Zarathustra was a saint who gained a lot of following due to his speeches on God being dead, and the author has not just included this keynote but also the idea of eternal recurrence. The book also covers an appealing declaration from Zarathustra, where he mentioned human beings as the interposition between apes and ubermensch (a human-being who is intellectually high and is close to possessing God’s powers).


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