Handbook of Leather Manufacturing :Charles Thomas Davis



This book includes:

1.hides and skins

2.synopsis of the history of tanning

3.satistics of the tanning interests in the united states

4.examination of leathers

5.animal skin

6.vegetable tanning materials

7.mineral and artificially prepared tanning substances

8.chemical examination of vegetable tanning materials


10.bark-the nature of bark-ools used in barking-rossing bark

11.grinding,cutting,crushing,and conveying tan bark-list of american patents for bark mills

12.leaching tan bark-the kinds of leaches employed -building round leaches

13.washing and soaking hides and skins

14.hide mills-list of american patents for hide mills-list of american patents for breaking hides

15.processes and compounds for depilating hides and skinsĀ 

16.unhairing and fleshing

17.bating and final preparation for the ooze

18.handling and plumping

19.laying away

20.splitting leather


22.stuffing leather

23.whitening leather

24.boarding and graining by machinery

25.blacking leather

26.machines for glassing or polishing,pebbling,finishing,rolling leather,etc..

27.machines for measuring leather

28.sole leather

29.heavy upper leather

30.grain,split,and buffed leathers

31.german harness leather-vache leather-machine belt leather greased with twallow

32.Morocco leathers

33.tanning and finishing sheep skins

34.lace leather leather fo footwear

36.Russia leather

37.alligator leather

38.patent,japanned or enamelled leather

39.tanning processes

40.tanning and currying hides and skins with hair and fur onĀ 

41.mineral tanning


43.dyeing leather

44.compounds for colouring and polishing leather





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