Grammar of Textile Design : Harry Nisbet


ISBN: 9788182475144

The grammar of textile design is a treatise upon the fundamental priciples of structural design in woven fabrics, and the application of those principles in the production opf various types of cloths. The book includes the following chapters:

  • Plain weave and its modification
  • Twill and kindered weaves
  • Diamonds and kindered weaves
  • Bedford cords
  • Backed fabrics
  • Fustians
  • Terry and loop pile fabrics
  • Gauze and net lend fabrics
  • Leno brocade fabrics
  • Tissue, lappet and swivel figured fabrics
  • Brocade fabric
  • Damask fabric
  • Alhambra and kindered fabric
  • Piques or toilet welts
  • Toilet quilting fabrics
  • Patent satin
  • Tapestry fabrics



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