Art of Tanning Leather :David H. Kennedy


isbn : 978-81-8247-490-1

This book includes:


2.the different kinds of skins suitable for tanning

3.structure and composition of skin

4.soaking,softeningand washing hides

5.for removing hair ,wool,grease,mucus,and other impurities from the skins -an illustration with a full description of a beam house

6.bating; reducing the skins to their original thickness

7.the properties of the ingredients used in the composition

8.for tanning- the proper proportions of ingredients ,with full and clear directions for using them-a description of the barkometer

9.tanning one hundred common sizedĀ  calf-skins

10.tanning thirty ox -hides for the manufacture of patent

11.tanning fifty sides of sole-leather

12.currying and finishing leather-shaving-harness

13.the texture and quality of leather

14.remarks on tanning-illustration of clinton tannery,with notes

15.the mechanic’s true position.a word of cheer to the hearty tanner

16.the tanner’s cheer.illustrated by aparty of tanners singing the words to the tune of the marseillaise hymn

17.copy of patent granted ,in the united states ,on the 14th day of April 1857

18.copy of specification of patent





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