Analysis of Woven Fabrics : A.F. Barker& E Midgley


isbn: 81-8247-162-1


1.Qualities of raw material

2.The qualities of yarn

3.Calculation relating to weight of clothes

4.Calculation relating to yarn

5.Setts and setting of clothes

6.Weave analysis

7.Draft and pegging plans

8.Effect of dyeing and finishing in fabrics on wool clothes

9.Effects of dyeing and finishing on dress fabrics ,lining,and cotton clothes

10.Obtaining the loom particulars from a sample of finished clothes

11.Examples in the analysis of woven fabrics

12.Quick methods of analysis ,standard weight and gauges

13.Qualitative and quantitative analysis of fibres in woven fabrics

14.The costing of woven fabrics

15.Glossary of terms applied to production of woven fabrics




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