A Handbook of Practical Tanning :Allen Rogers,ph.d.


isbn :978-81-8247-497-0

This book covers following chapters:

1.hides and skins


3.deputation,drenching,bating,puering and pickling

5.raw hides:oil and alum tannage tannage

7.iron tannage

8.vegetable-tanned light leathers

9.vegetable-tanned sole leathers

10.belting leather

11.strap,welting,bag,case,automobile,and harness leather

12.patent leather

13.dyeing leather

14.fat liquoring

15.finishing leather

16.woolskkins and furs

17.vegetable tanning materials

18.synthetic tanning materials

19.unusual tanning processes

20.artificial leather,dope splits,and pyroxylin finishes

21.analytical methods

22.disposal of tannery waste

23.useful data




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