Text Book of Tanning :Henry R. Procter,F.C.S.


isbn: 978-81-8247-592-2

This book includes:

1.anatomical structure of hide

2.chemical composition of hide

3.commercial tanning of hide

4.the chemistery of tannins

5.water as used in tanning

6.methods of chemical analysis for the tannery.

7.sole-leather:-preaparing the hides 

8.sole-leather:-unhairing hides

9.sole -leather:-tanning materials

10.sole-leather:-treatment in tan house

11.sole-leather:- treatment in the shed 

12.dressing leather


14.enamelled ,patent,or japanned leather

15.morocco leather

16.Russia leather

17.chamios or wash -leather leather,or preller’s leather

19.mineral -tanned leather

20. calf kid

21.glove kid and maintainence of tannaries

23.drying sheds of leather

24.commerce,satistics and bibliography



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